Alkkemist Ultra-Premium Gin 70cl

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Country Spain
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Alkkemist
Size 70cl
ABV 40.0%
Bright and powerful, universal, The light of a discovery. The first gin made with Samphire and Muscat grape. Art, inspiration, creation ... And a halo of immortality. Alkkemist Gin explores new horizons, challenges the established, searching the light. A tireless quest, every detail has been taken meticulous care of to create an unbeatable quality gin. Innovation is the cornerstone of Alkkemist, a gin with a unique personality. Samphire, Muscat grape and a distillation under the moon's light create an unmatched elixir.
Country Of Origin: Spain
Alkkemist Gin is the craftsman's vision of a 21st century alchemist, a passionate blending of gin and the Mediterranean coast. It attributes its personality from the full moon's influence. There is a mystery surrounding its exact formula and distillation only takes place during the full moon, 12 times a year; and this with the strict methodology produces an Ultra Premium quality gin. Alkkemist Gin is born on a basis of 3 times distilled grain alcohol. It is made in traditional copper alembics, with a quadruple distillation only taking the best from the heart of each distillation. That Guarantees the perfect fusion Between grain and a tremendous selection of 21 carefully selected botanicals. Alkkemist Gin is the first gin That Muscat grape use in its making, selected from the best strains in the Mediterranean, being added at the end of the process to Provide an exquisite and exclusive scent.
Country Of Origin: Spain

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