Appleton Rum 12yo Rare Blend 70cl Gift Boxed

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Country Jamaica
Spirit Type Rum
Brand Appleton
Size 70cl
ABV 43.0%
Appleton Estate extra 12-Year-Old is a masterpiece of oak ageing. It has rums that are a minimum of 12 years old in it and because of its flavour profile it is perfect for sipping. Appleton Estate extra 12-Year-Old is a bright rich bronze colour with a nose of walnuts, nutmeg, orange peel and vanilla. The finish is smooth and creamy. All presented in a luxury Gift Box.
Country Of Origin: Jamaica
Appleton Estate is the number one authentic Jamaican rum that is made in the Cockpit Country - a unique, lush and fertile terrain that is nestled inland, in Jamaica's beating heart. The beautifully complex and aromatic Appleton Estate rums are produced on their estate, which makes it one of the few rums in the world to claim a terroir and the only rum in the world that has a terroir as unique as the Nassau Valley. "Terroir" is a set of unique weather, soil and geographic demarcations that impart a unique quality to all of our rums. Proof that it really does matter where your rum comes from. The Appleton Estate is nestled in the Nassau Valley, which is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth. The first known documentation of rum production on the Appleton Estate is dated 1749.
Country Of Origin: Jamaica

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