Aylesbury Duck Vodka 70cl

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Country Canada
Spirit Type Vodka
Brand The 86 Company
Size 70cl
ABV 40%

Aylesbury Duck Vodka is made using Canadian soft white winter wheat. Distilled in three column stills, it is reduced to bottling strength with water from a well in Mendocino county in northern California. A crisp vodka with slight citrus notes.

Fresh nose with hints of grain, pepper, cacao, vanilla and citrus oils. Very smooth, pure with a slight natural sweetness, hints of baked bread and sweet liquorice/fennel, touches of pepper and spice on the finish.

Country Of Origin: Canada

Aylesbury Duck Vodka is a collaborative project of The 86 Co. working with a Canadian distillery to produce a high quality, yet unpretentious vodka created with bartenders in mind. White winter wheat from the Western Canadian Rocky Mountains is distilled to 96.5% proof before shipping to California to be blended with pristine spring water from Mendocino County. The only filtration Aylesbury Duck undergoes is particle filtration, as The 86 Co. consider it good enough by itself without a pretentious story about filtering through exotic materials.

The 86 Company was started by three key figures in the craft cocktail revival, Dushan Zaric, founder of the landmark New York bar Employees Only, Jason Kosmas, a co-worker at Employees Only, and Simon Ford, a key ambassador at Pernod Ricard, and The 86 Company was created under the notion that a small, nimble brand could serve the needs of bartenders (and, by extension, consumers) better than large spirit brands could.

Country Of Origin: Canada

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