Barenjager Honey Liqueur 70cl

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Country Germany
Spirit Type Honey Liqueur
Brand Barenjager
Size 70cl
ABV 35%
Serving Suggestion Serve neat over ice

Barenjager is a honey-flavour liqueur produced in Germany. It is a blend of vodka , honey from the Yucatan Penninsula in Mexico and other "secret" natural ingredients.

Produced using Mexican nectar honey. The bottle features an image of a fur trapper trapping a bear in a beehive-shaped cap.

Intense set honey initially on the nose then more honeycomb like aromas and some vanilla and caramel notes. The palate is like a dilute honey, very pure sweet flavours with a delicate and elegant mouthfeel.

Country Of Origin: Germany
This liqueur has a rich history. It was developed as a mead-like "moonshine" among the "Barenjager" or bear hunters, of medieval Europe. By the 15th century these "meschkinnes" brews were made my many people. It was around the time that Tuecke & Koenig Bear Trap Company introduced the first commercially produced bärenfang, Bärenjäger. The company has been around since and is now owned by Schwarze & Schlichte.
Country Of Origin: Germany

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