Belvedere Single Estate Rye Vodka Smorgory Forest 70cl

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Country Poland
Spirit Type Vodka
Brand Belvedere
Size 70cl
ABV 40.0%

Terroir – a notion inextricably linked to wine – has been brought to vodka by Belvedere with the launch of the Single Estate Rye Series, giving a fresh perspective on premium vodka.

Smogóry Forest is made entirely from Dankowskie Diamond Rye grown at a single small estate deep in western Poland. The pastoral region is known for its vast forests, short, continental weather fronts, mild winters and fertile soils. This lush, forested terroir is reflected in the new distinctive vodka. Grown on land dominated by thick woodland – and protected from the harsh Polish winter. With notes of salted caramel, a touch of honey and white pepper, the liquid boasts a bold and savoury finish.

The Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series features new packaging designed to reflect the distinctive vodka contained within each bottle. The new bottles have a unique square base that gradually transitions to a round top and a shorter neck borrows cues from high-end dark spirits. Smogóry Forest is a smoky grey, featuring a slow, elegant resolve from dark to nearly translucent.

Enjoy neat or on the rocks. Or as a characterful alternative in classic rye whisky cocktails.

Country Of Origin: Poland

Belvedere Vodka hails from the small town of Zyrardow in the Mazovian plains west of Warsaw, Poland.

Following traditions dating back over 600 years, Belvedere is hand crafted in small batches to ensure superior quality meeting only the highest of standards.

These new Single Estate Rye Series vodkas represent a very special innovation for Belvedere. It is their quest to show that there is refinement, discernment and extraordinary quality in vodka, using bakers-grade Dankowskie Diamond Rye drawing out the nuanced flavours of the spirit.

Each are named after the village of their respective estates in Poland, and crafted to capture the distinctive character of these particular terroirs.

Country Of Origin: Poland

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