Bushmills Original and Black Bush 2 x 35cl Gift Pack

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Country Ireland
Spirit Type Irish Whiskey
Brand Bushmills
Size 2 x 35cl
ABV 40%

The Old Bushmills offers two iconic whiskeys in this box beautifully illustrated in the image of the distillery with walls, windows and roof recognizable.

Contains 2 x 35cl bottles, of the Bushmills Original and Bushmills Black Bush.

Bushmills Original Whiskey is a blend of more than 50% malt whiskey blended with grain whiskey that has matured for up to five years in oak barrels. It is a triple distilled and complex whiskey with rich notes of fruit, honey and vanilla.

The Old Bushmills is a luxurious and full-bodied blend. It is composed of 80% Single Malt aged 7 to 9 years of its distillery and aged mainly in Spanish oak barrels that contained Oloroso Jerez but also in American Bourbon casks.

The box also contains two cocktail recipes: Bushmills Black Fashioned and Bushmills Apple Bush.

Country Of Origin: Ireland
Since 1608, BUSHMILLS IRISH WHISKEY has been made at Ireland's oldest working distillery. The Old Bushmills Distillery was granted a license to distill in 1608 in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, in a small village along the River Bush. It is one of few distilleries in Ireland to use 100% malted barley to make triple-distilled whiskey, which is what creates its unique character and smooth taste. The saying is the distillery is grain to glass because BUSHMILLS IRISH WHISKEY is made with every stage of production expertly managed on site.
Country Of Origin: Ireland

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