Pol Roger "Churchill" Glass Champagne Tankard in Gift Box

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Country France
Region Champagne
Brand Pol Roger
Style Serve with Pol Roger of course!

Champagne house Pol Roger has partnered with fellow Royal Warrant holders John Jenkins Fine Glassware to create a bespoke Champagne tankard inspired by an antique crystal glass dating back to 1785; made in the same style as Silver Tankards of the 17th and 18th centuries, very few of these antique crystal tankards have survived. The Pol Roger Champagne Tankard sees a resurrection of this lost style, handmade by skilled craftsmen at John Jenkins, the royal family’s crystal supplier.

The design of the handle, which is thicker at the top and narrower at the base with a small flourish at the lower end, is typical of silver tankards of the early Georgian period. The horizontal “beading” around the body of the tankard is also a design detail taken from tankards of that time.

This beautiful glass, which is engraved by hand on the base, serves as a fitting tribute to Pol’s most illustrious devotee, Sir Winston Churchill, who famously drank vintage Pol Roger from a tankard, allegedly consuming 42,000 bottles of the fizz over his lifetime.




Pol Roger, a Champenois from Aÿ, founded his champagne house in Epemay in 1849. Over the next 50 years, until his death in 1899, he built his business into one of the most respected in Champagne and, in particular, forged strong trade links with Britain. The founder was succeeded by his sons, Maurice and Georges, who changed their names to Pol-Roger by deed poll and, thereafter, by a further three generations of his direct descendants.

To this day the company remains small, family-owned, fiercely independent and unrivalled in its reputation for quality Pol Roger own 87 hectares of prime vineyard sites spread over the Montagne de Reims, the Vallée de Ia Marme, the Vallée d'Epemay and the Côte des Blancs. This supply is supplemented by grapes purchased on long-term contracts with growers based on the best sites in the region. Total production at Pol Roger is in the region of 1.5 million bottles per annum, making them one of the smaller of the Grandes Marques.

The cellars extend some 7 kilometres beneath the streets of Epernay and are carved out of the local chalk over three levels, the deepest known as the ‘cave de prise de mousse’ at 33m below street level. As the name suggests this is where the wine undergoes its secondary fermentation in bottle.They are amongst the coolest and deepest cellars in the region, a factor which contributes to the famously fine bubbles in Pol Roger's champagnes.

Country Of Origin: France

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