Chase Miniature Collection - 3 x 5cl (Chase Elderflower, Chase Marmalade Vodka, Chase GB Gin)

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Country England
Brand Chase Distillery
Size 3X5CL
ABV Varies
Serving Suggestion Serve in any one of Chase signiature cocktails

The perfect Chase party favour.

Containing 3 x 5CL bottles of Williams Chase Great British Extra Dry Gin, Chase Marmalade Vodka and Chase Elderflower Liqueur.

Williams Chase Great British Extra Dry Gin:

Similarly, to the Elegant Gin, Williams Chase Great British Extra Dry Gin is made from the distillery's own single-estate vodka, infused with juniper buds and berries to create a very British extra dry gin. On the nose the smell of dry juniper with zesty citrus with some warm, spicy notes. Juniper, dark chocolate and citrus zest upfront on the palate, followed by notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Use it to create a well-balanced Gin and Tonic, or enjoy as a Sweet Martini.

Chase Elderflower Liqueur:

The perfect compliment to champagne, cocktails and even desserts, Chase Elderflower Liqueur has a beautiful flavour reminiscent of English Summer days. The freshest blooms of the elderflower, carefully pressed and macerated with the naturally smooth and creamy Chase Vodka resulting in a delectable velvety drink with a wonderful fruity floral finish. Clear, deep and rich yellow in colour with a powerful elderflower nose. On the palate an excellent balance of alcohol and sweetness with a full hit of elderflower flavour, very rounded and long on the finish.

Chase Marmalade Vodka:

The Chase Marmalde Vodka 5cl makes such a fantastic gift for a special occasion, celebration, or for any Vodka drinker! Chase Distillery, marinade the Vodka with the finest Seville Orange Marmalade and then infuse it in a Alambic Copper Pot still to create this totally unique marmalade experience. Try it neat, chilled or use it to make a 'Breakfast Martini'. The finished spirit is clear with a golden hue. Strong orange zest on the nose with a naturally rich bitter-sweet flavour and warm velvety mouth feel.

Country Of Origin: England
Chase is a family owned, single estate distillery, creating fine spirits since 2008 from the produce grown on their own farm in rural Herefordshire just a few miles away from Saxtys Wines HQ. Potatoes and apples, harvested from the surrounding fields and orchards surrounding the farm are mashed up for fermentation. Apples are sweet enough to ferment naturally, but a brewer's yeast is added to the potato mash to help it along the way. After about a week, this becomes a low alcohol wine. . Using a bespoke, handcrafted copper batch pot, the low alcohol wine from the fermentation stage is distilled four times and then twice more in the rectification column. The column is the tallest of its kind in the world, at 70ft it rises through the roof of the barn at Chase - truly a spectacular sight! . At this point, the spirit has reached the dizzying heights of 96%abv and is well on its way to becoming Chase Vodka. After distillation, the raw spirit is tempered with water drawn from a source at the heart of the farm. Once it's reached a much more drinkable 40% abv, the vodka is hand bottled and sealed it with a handmade cork. . The whole process, from farm to bottle, takes up to two weeks. . The extra dry Gin is made from the distillery's own single-estate vodka,that is grown, fermented, distilled and bottled on the family farm. . Juniper buds and berries are infused to ensure that they distil the driest gin possible, followed by 10 fine botanicals including; cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, almond, coriander, cardamom, cloves, liquorice and lemon.
Country Of Origin: England

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