Cream Gin 70cl

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Country England
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Worship Street Whistling Shop
Size 70cl
ABV 43.8%
Serving Suggestion The Cream Gin is great for adding a new texture and flavour to existing cocktail recipes

The Black Cat's Martini is the signature cocktail of top London bar, the Worship Street Whistling Shop. They have teamed up with Maverick Drinks to produce this delectable Cream Gin - the core ingredient in the aforementioned cocktail.

Cream Gin was popular in the Gin Palaces of the Victorian Era, however back then the gin would probably have been mixed with a cream and sugar then left to infuse.

To update this classic idea, this Cream Gin has been cold-distilled using fresh cream as a botanical (the equivalent of 100ml Cream per bottle!), to capture the fresh flavour of the cream in a perfectly clear spirit. Because the cream is never heated during the distillation process, no 'burnt' or 'off' flavours end up in the finished product. Cream Gin has the same shelf-life as any other distilled spirit.

The Cream Gin is great for adding a new texture and flavour to existing cocktail recipes.

Tasting Notes from Maverick Drinks:

  • On the Nose: Rich, full-fat cream with a heavy whack of vanilla, though citrus notes of orange and lemon make themselves apparent.
  • In the mouth: Creamy and thick with lactic richness. The combination of a visually transparent liquid with the texture of a rich dairy product produces a fusion of sight and touch that boggles the mind but delights the palate.
  • On the Finish: Sweet, creamy, and moreish. This is undoubtedly gin but with a character that breaks the bounds of the category and brings new depth and flavour to the spirit.
  • Overall: This is not just another gin with a wacky botanical—this is a completely new approach to the category. Gin enthusiasts, historians, and molecular mixologists all stand to be astounded.
Country Of Origin: England
A top London cocktail bar based in Shoreditch, the Worship Street Whistling Shop is something rather special indeed. “Combining the charm of Victorian squalor with the elegance of grand Gin Palaces”, they have set new standards in molecular mixology and innovative use of home-made ingredients since opening back in 2011. WS2, as it is also neatly known, was in fact Fluid Movement’s second bar, set up by Tristan Stephenson, Thomas Aske, Matt Whiley and Bryan Pietersen, with the the highly talented Ryan Chetiyawarda heading up the bar. (The first was the excellent Purl in Marylebone.)
Country Of Origin: England

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