Chapel Down Curious Brew Cider 5.2% 12 x 330ml

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Country England
Drink Type Cider
Brand Chapel Down
Size 12 x 330ml
ABV 5.2%
Style Fruity, Clean and Fresh
A clean and refreshing Kent cider - made from apples. No concentrates, no water, just apples fermented using Chapel down's own wine yeast with no added water or concentrates. Deliciously refreshing, fantastically "apple-y" and curiously original!
Country Of Origin: England

Chapel Down produces a world-class range of sparkling and still wines, together with the award-winning range of Curious beers & cider.  


As winemakers, Chapel down produced these products using their passion for creating something deliciously different, something better, something curious!  They genuinely care about taste and the range of Curious beer and cider uses their winemaking excellence.



This pure expression of Kent cider is made from apples sourced from the Garden of England offering the most refreshing long drink. Unlike almost all commercial ciders, there is no concentrate used or water. This is 100% pure Kent apple juice, gently carbonated and extremely refreshing.

"Having tasted a large number of ciders on the market I had come to the conclusion that I wasn’t a big fan of cider! There are generally considered to be two main types of cider; the first being commercial ciders made from 30% juice, enriched with concentrates and sweeteners and diluted with water. Although often sickly sweet and synthetic, they are often technically very clean tasting. The second are artisan ciders made from single apple varieties, no added water and all about the provenance, however these are often let down by the lack of available technology. My objective became to combine the two techniques to create a hand-crafted quality cider using the advanced technology available and guess what...I’ve now found a cider I love!"

- Josh Donaghay-Spire, Chapel Down winemaker turned Curious Apple cidermaker

Country Of Origin: England

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