Dactari "I Dream of GINi" German Gin 50cl

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Country Germany
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Dactari
Size 50cl
ABV 40.0%
Serving Suggestion Lots of ice, Fever Tree Tonic, orange zest, x3 cardamom pods & x3 pink peppercorns.
I Dream of GINi is an amazingly well-balanced original German gin with a floral and slightly sweet aroma. On the palate, it presents mild notes of different flowers paired with a classic herbal juniper character. In the finish, GINi satisfies the taste buds with peppery notes without losing the juniper feeling. Due to the sweet and floral character of the gin, I Dream of GINi should not be enjoyed with tonic waters that are too sweet.

Thanks to the pretty bottle wrapping, I dream of GINi is ready to be given to your best friends as a present or just ready to unwrap and enjoy!

I dream of GINi by Dactari is named after the '70s TV show "I dream of Jeannie". While Jeannie is a good genie in a bottle, Dactari's GINi stands for a good spirit in a bottle. It features a very interesting bottle design, along with an interesting subtitle too "I Dream of GINi", a play on words referring to the 1970s sitcom �I Dream of Jeannie.�

Country Of Origin: Germany
Dactari is a German brand that produces several premium products in the field of spirits, delicatessen and nonfood at the Chiemsee in the south of Germany. The brand was created by chance and the word game around the company DAC and the "Daktari". The "Daktari" is the "Doctor of the Beasts" in African (Swahili), who consciously and prudently deals with nature and its creatures. Dactari became known worldwide by the TV series of the same name from the 1960s.

All products are produced on a high, ecological standard and a special feature is the design and the sustainability of the packaging. The bottles can be reused as deco objects or for other liquids.

The GINi bottles show a majestically dressed wasp that stands for the grain that is used to distill the spirit. Along with wine distillates these two form the basis which is then infused with several botanicals. While most gin producers use wheat for their base spirit, Dactari Gin pushes the boat out a bit more. Their base spirit is produced from wine and a variety of different grains. This provides the foundation for I dream of GINi, whose botanicals list is long, and includes juniper, aniseed, coriander, orange peel, lemon, pepper and liquorice.

Country Of Origin: Germany

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