Daffys Small Batch Scottish Gin 70cl

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Country Scotland
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Daffys
Size 70cl
ABV 43.4%
Daffy�s is a gin like no other, created from the finest French grain spirit, distilled on an ancient copper pot whisky still with Lebanese mint and the finest botanicals to create a gin that is classic, complex, perfectly balanced and fresh with a world of intrigue. Lebanese mint as a botanical brings and extraordinary freshness to Daffy�s complimenting the other tasting notes of toffee, citrus, spice caramel and fresh mint. At 43.4% Daffy�s complexity is perfectly balanced. Strong bodied with many levels of well balanced freshness, notes of citrus and mint, toffee, caramel and chocolate underpinned with a solid woody character like that of malt whisky. When enjoyed straight Daffy�s is a well rounded and smooth gin with a long finish.
Country Of Origin: Scotland
Daffy is the Goddess of Gin. First written about in the 1700s Daffy is the essence of great gin, a lover of life who has transcended the decades. The bottle design, incidentally, is the work of Robert McGinnis, the American artist who made film posters for various James Bond and Matt Helm films as well as Breakfast at Tiffany's and Barbarella. Daffy as painted by McGinnis is the visualisation and personification of the taste, charm, sophistication, complexity and depth of Daffy�s gin. Daffy�s Gin has been crafted to be enjoyed straight over ice like the finest of malt whiskies, to make the ultimate D&T, the very best of Negroni and other great cocktails. The Scottish distillers started by using the finest pure wheat grain spirit from northern France, distilling it in the same manner as malt whisky on an ancient single batch copper pot still. The botanicals that are added are a combination of the traditional � juniper, coriander seeds, cassia bark and the new � Lebanese mint and rare variety lemons. The quality of the base spirit used, along with the artisan methods used steep and distil the botanicals results in a deeply complex and well balanced spirit that is exceptionally good to drink on its own over ice, in cocktails or as a life-changing D&T with fresh mint and lime.
Country Of Origin: Scotland

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