Deadhead Rum Miniatures 5cl Box of 12

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Country Mexico
Spirit Type Rum
Brand Dead Head
Size 12 x 5cl
ABV 40.0%
A case of 12 miniatures of 5cl bottles of the Deadhead rum, complete with the bottle detail!

Deadhead is an award winning premium rum with a unique and edgy style. Handcrafted from homegrown sugarcane then aged in American oak and Chiapas Oak in Tapachula, Chiapas. (Widely recognised as a region for producing the most outstanding rum in the world.)

It has a rich amber hue and impossibly light body and a bouquet saturated with the aromas of coffee, chocolate, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, all of which carry through to the palate along with the added flavours of cloves, anise and caramel. The long, spicy finish seals the deal. Rum is skilfully balanced between dry and semisweet making it a franchise player behind the bar.

The bottle looks like it came off an ancient Caribbean pirate ship with hand-tied hemp lacings to sew the eyes and mouth shut. Subtly intricate in detail, it respects the traditions, including the custom of shrunken heads, that captures the spirit of the Shuar and tastes the way it looks: complex and beautiful.

Country Of Origin: Mexico
In small batches fresh sugarcane juice is slowly fermented and double-distilled in copper pot stills to remove impurities and leave exquisite aroma, texture, and pure, clean flavours. At the same time rich molasses are patiently fermented and then distilled in a single column still meticulously crafting a rum of bold, crisp richness and solid structure. These two rums form the foundation of Deadhead Rum and are vital to achieve the perfect balance and complexity.

The rum distilled from pure sugarcane juice is aged in American oak (medium toasted) barrels, while rum distilled from rich molasses is aged in two different barrels: American oak (highly toasted) and barrels made from Chiapas oak. The interaction of wood endows the rum with a luxurious rich colour; as it matures and mellows the spirit until it is perfect enhance the elegant aromas and flavours of the spirit with opulent character from the different barrels.

Once the rum is adequately aged, the art of blending Deadhead begins. The Master Distiller handcrafts the subtle, distinctive flavour profile that is the surest mark of excellent rum. Finished with a charcoal polishing, the spirit in each bottle is a testament to the expert care and artistry of rum making.

Deadhead Rum�s rich dark hue, and bouquet saturated with the aromas of coffee, chocolate, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, all of which carry through to the palate along with the flavours of cloves, anise and caramel all play in stupendous balance. Deadhead Rum's long spicy finish makes it an excellent sipping rum. Assertive aromatics and brilliant flavours make it a great choice for use in classic Tiki cocktails.

Country Of Origin: Mexico

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