Delamain Extra de Grande Champagne Cognac 70cl Decanter and Two Glasses

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Country France
Spirit Type Cognac
Brand Delamain
Size 70cl
ABV 40%

A beautiful gift pack from Delamain, containing the excellent Extra de Grande Champagne Cognac in a decanter along with a pair of stemmed tulip glasses.

Older than Pale & Dry XO and Vesper, the Extra de Grande Champagne shows deep maturity and a full-bodied bouquet.  It is the perfect expression of an old Cognac from Grande Champagne.

Brilliant amber-topaz with a wonderful soft golden clarity, on the nose a powerful perfume and great length of the fragrance. The palate is full, deeply mature and with a mellow yet intense and complex fruitiness. 

The Extra de Grande Champagne is an original decanter, designed and blown for Delamain. The shield on the decanter, comes from an original plate made by Henry Delamain in 1762 at his delftware factory in Dublin for the wedding of his nephew James Delamain to Marie Ranson.

Presented in a Gorgeous Navy and Silver Branded Gift Box


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Country Of Origin: France

Based in Jarnac, France, Delamain is one of the oldest and last family-owned and run houses in Cognac. It was established in 1759 by James Delamain, who was born in Dublin, Ireland.  After his death in May 1800 the firm fell apart, but in 1924 his grandsons Anne-Phililippe Delamain and his cousins of the Roullet family re-established the name as Roullet & Delamain as a producer of Cognac.  The company is still run by direct family descendents today, Charles Braastad-Delamain and his cousin, Patrick Peyrelongue.

The house of Delamain is strongly attached to its tradition of craftsmanship. It specialises in ageing and maturing high quality Cognacs exclusively from the Grande Champagne region. The Cognacs are meticulously selected from individual producers, many of whom have traded with the Delamain House for generations. Immense care is taken to maintain the quality of the Cognacs through the ageing process, and the Cognacs are left to mature in cask until each reaches perfection. They are then blended and married to create a product that expresses the Delamain style.

This Delamain Cognac Extra de Grande Champagne is older than the Pale & Dry XO and Vesper. Extra de Grande Champagne Delamain Cognac is a selection blend from different distillers from the 1st Cru region of Cognac, where each cognac is aged seperately.


Country Of Origin: France

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