Delamain Trio of Cognac 40% 3x20cl

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Country France
Spirit Type Cognac
Brand Delamain
Size 70cl
ABV 40%

A quality Delamain trio pack of 3 x 20cl bottles, comprising the Pale and Dry XO, Vesper and Tres Venerable.


Pale and Dry XO 

100% Grande Champagne.  A blend of various old Grande Champagne cognacs. Each cognac is aged separately during many long years owing to their origin and then the blend itself, made at the end of the ageing period, is aged for two years more (marriage).  Matured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks (350L) and cellared in old cellars near the river, more humid than dry.  The blend at natural strength (around 50% vol.) is very slowly broken down at 40% with weak old Grande Champagne at 15% which enriches the blend.  A style of delicacy, length, fruitiness and mellowness, a bouquet of power of the perfumes and a length of the fragrance. Floral scents, lingering aftertaste of vanilla (rancio).  Mellowness, roundness, age. Intense fruitiness.   A colour of extremely clear and bright, brilliant and velvety gold.
Pale & Dry, "Pale" because it is much paler than other cognacs of this age due to the natural pale colour of the cognacs used in the blend which are all matured in old casks and "Dry" because it has only its natural sweetness.


From the sixth canonical hour celebrated each late-afternoon in song, to reflect its richness and the worshipful sense it imparts. The Vesper has an average age of 35 year old, 100% Grande Champagne Cognac, from a selection local growers-distillers. Each cognac is aged seperately and longer than for the Pale and Dry, owing to their origin and then the blend itself, made at the end of the ageing period, and aged for two years more (marraige). Mutured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks and cellared ont he old cellars near the river, more humid than dry. A style of roundness, body, length, maturity and mellowness. A bouquet with the power of perfumes, a length of fragrance and suavity. Scents of underwood, dry vine shots and vanilla (rancio).

Tres Venerable

Delamain Tres Venerable Grande Champagne Cognac is blended from a range of Cognacs averaging 45 to 50 years of age, which have been reduced by natural evaporation to approximately 45 percent alcohol by volume. It is brought to 40 percent consumption strength by the gradual addition of 'vieilles faibles, 'very old, weak Grande Champagne Cognacs showing a natural alcohol content of 15 percent.  The unusual label design is taken from a French Revolutionary bank note.  Introduced in 1976, this rare Cognac inspires the respect and reverence its name, and age, suggest. Brilliant deep topaz in colour with gold highlights, its profound, complex bouquet reveals subtle nuances of dried fruits, licorice and mellowed oak.  An initial freshness and delicacy on the palate unfold into a rich, palette of mature flavours underscored by sophisticated 'rancio', notes of fruitcake and cheese.  A Cognac of perfect balance with exceptional length on the finish. Extraordinary delicacy in a rich, full flavoured cognac. Floral spice aromas give way to complex scents of underwood, raisins, vanilla, licorice and honey

Country Of Origin: France

Based in Jarnac, France, Delamain is one of the oldest and last family-owned and run houses in Cognac. It was established in 1759 by James Delamain, who was born in Dublin, Ireland.  After his death in May 1800 the firm fell apart, but in 1924 his grandsons Anne-Phililippe Delamain and his cousins of the Roullet family re-established the name as Roullet & Delamain as a producer of Cognac.  The company is still run by direct family descendents today, Charles Braastad-Delamain and his cousin, Patrick Peyrelongue.

The house of Delamain is strongly attached to its tradition of craftsmanship. It specialises in ageing and maturing high quality Cognacs exclusively from the Grande Champagne region. The Cognacs are meticulously selected from individual producers, many of whom have traded with the Delamain House for generations. Immense care is taken to maintain the quality of the Cognacs through the ageing process, and the Cognacs are left to mature in cask until each reaches perfection. They are then blended and married to create a product that expresses the Delamain style.


Country Of Origin: France

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