Dom Perignon Plenitude 2 - P2 1995 Champagne 75cl Gift Boxed

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Country France
Champagne Type Prestige
Region Champagne
Brand Dom Perignon
Grape Variety Pinot Noir / Chardonnay
Size 75cl
ABV 12.5%
Closure Type Cork
Vintage 1995
Maturity Drink: 2008-2026
Style Incredibly complex, rich and concentrated

An exceptionally rare champagne.  As a first release back in 2002, Dom Pérignon 1995 (P1) had such great depth and balance with incredibly ripe fruits. Now, over twenty years since bottling, the second release 1995 P2 has flavours of incredibly complex, rich and concentrated fruits.

The Plénitude (originally Oenothèque) concept has been years in development at Dom Pérignon. After studying the natural course of ageing that vintage champagne seems to undertake, the winemaking team found that, rather than improving steadily and linearly (as is the case with many wines), it develops and matures through three defined stages in its life.

The first release (P1) comes approximately 8 years after the harvest and is the style that most consumers are familiar with. The second stage (P2) takes roughly 15 years, during which time the cuvée takes a profound leap to a new quality level where it will plateau for many years in terms of improvement. Finally, the third plénitude (P3) will see the champagne ageing another 20-30 years until it reaches its ultimate peak. Initially these mature vintages were made available under limited release called “Oenothèque” but were re-branded in 2014 as “Plénitude”.

From 100% Grand & Premier Cru Vineyards, the 1995 harvest was a large crop and shared similar characteristics with the renowned 1998. Following four consecutive years of tough growing conditions, 1995 came as a huge relief to the region - the first universally declared vintage since 1990. The summer was mainly hot, with some showers a few weeks before the harvest.

Tasting Note: On the nose, a fresh bouquet of fruits combines with hints of rye, praline and smoke. On the palate hints of toasted brioche, smooth and very balanced, this champagne has abundance of apple and hints of spice. The finish is incredibly long and full of vibrancy.

Dom Pérignon is the prestige cuvée of prestige cuvées. An old classic, it is enjoyed from Royal tables to Michelin Star restaurants and trendy Bars, and is sometimes the only champagne that will do for special occasions. It is uniquely only available as a vintage champagne produced in exceptional years from just two grape varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir affirming its position as an iconic wine with an unrivalled heritage.

Often considered one of the founding “spiritual” fathers of Champagne itself, the Benedictine Monk Dom Pierre Pérignon spent forty-seven years working in the historic Abbey of Hautvillers pursuing his ambition to create the "best wine in the world". When Father Perignon took over as cellar master at the Benedictine Abbey 1668, for a young monk just 30 years old, it took a visionary spirit and exceptional audacity to pursue such lofty ambitions.

Today, that legacy lives on. More than three centuries later, the House of Dom Perignon perpetuates the visionary approach of its founder. Produced in amazing volumes yet retaining its sheer class, Moët & Chandon's prestige cuvée is so distinguishable, the two brands are best considered autonomous. Each new vintage is a unique creative act, reinventing the extraordinary style of a wine that only the Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy, may declare a "vintage year".

"The grapes are never the same from one year to the next. If a harvest does not meet Dom Perignon's unyielding standards, there will be no vintage champagne that year. The unique personality of Dom Perignon is born of this creative commitment. Geoffroy's unique winemaking philosophy is to allow the personality of each vintage to express itself and compliment it with the famous House style, rather than simply re-creating an identical blend each year.

It is this tension between the distinctive qualities of a year and the timeless spirit that defines Dom Perignon, an unparalleled sensation that imparts weightlessn

Country Of Origin: France

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