Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin 50cl

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Country Ireland
Spirit Type Gin
Brand The Shed Distillery
Size 50cl
ABV 43.0%
Oriental Botanicals, Gunpowder Tea and Irish Curiosity.

This is an oriental inspired Irish Gin with a fresh citrus taste and spicy notes of oriental botanicals. It takes its name from one of the signature botanicals, slowly dried Gunpowder Tea, and the recipe also includes lime, lemon and grapefruit. Recommended with a Mediterranean tonic water.

Country Of Origin: Ireland
Distilled at the edge of lake, in a little shed in a small Irish town called Drumshanbo in Co Leitrim. PJ Rigney is pushing the boundaries of distilling using some of the finest oriental botanicals and gunpowder tea to create this unique gin. He uses 8 botanicals in the still Juniper, Angelica, orris root, caraway seed, coriander meadow sweet cardamom and star anise. He then adds a further four which are vapour infused Oriental lemon, oriental lime, fresh grapefruit and Gunpowder tea.

It takes an inquisitive, questing spirit to produce the most remarkable results. Through the years PJ Rigney has taken many journeys from the familiar into terra incognita. In time, those travels brought him to the wild and unspoilt landscape of Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim.

And it was here that his curious mind, filled with the great oriental traditions of distilling fruit, herbs and botanicals, got to work. He created The Shed Distillery of PJ Rigney, with its medieval copper pot stills, and began a quest to fuse oriental botanicals with the local Irish ones. As it turned out, they got on very well indeed.

The result of this passionate exploration is Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin � unique, extraordinary and remarkable as the elusive creature PJ has occasionally glimpsed in the fields, the Drumshanbo Jackalope.

Country Of Origin: Ireland

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