Ekiss Single Estate Organic Vintage Vodka 2012 70cl

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Country France
Spirit Type Vodka
Brand Ekiss
Size 70cl
ABV 40%

A single vintage, single estate organic vodka from the south of France, made with soft winter wheat. The name is a reference to Camargue horses, a particular greed of horse which the south of France is particularly famous for.


Nose: Its delicacy and freshness emphasize its origin with notes of wheat grain combined with a touch of peppery lemon scent.

Palate: After a delicate and smooth approach on the palate, its roundness combined with its contained strength, unveiling its purity and origin. Spicy, subdued notes of citrus fruit peel and flowers prolong the finish.

Country Of Origin: France

The Camargue, white horses, pink flamingoes, sun and wind : this is the terroir of EQUISSOLIS, a Vodka made exclusively from organic wheat grown on the estate. This is the story of this Organic Single Estate Vodka, conceived in the Camargue in a vast natural and protected area where for centuries horses, flamingoes and wild bulls have been freely bred.

The Camargue is a magical part of south of France where the Rhône River meets the Mediterranean sea.  It is the kingdom of sun, salt, rice, wheat and water. Little rain in summer, long hours of sunlight, frequent winds with the famous Mistral bringing clean fresh weather contribute unmistakably to making the soft winter wheat crop very different from that grown elsewhere.

Depending on the weather conditions during the winter season, the taste of the wheat can vary from year to year. This is the reason why the comapny have decided to vintage the Vodka.

The organic soft wheat is planted on the Domaine just before winter. Harvest takes place in the first days of July at full maturity. The grains are then threshed and stocked.

The wheat mash is distilled five times using a column distillation process which reveals the wheat’s character.

They use only the purest springwater, totally neutral, crystal clear and transparent in order to assure the delicacy of the vodka.


Country Of Origin: France

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