FEW Breakfast Gin 42.0% 70cl

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Country USA
Spirit Type Gin
Brand FEW Spirits
Size 70cl
ABV 42%
Serving Suggestion With brunch, naturally

The perfect gin for enjoying with a lazy brunch - FEW Breakfast Gin features a recipe based around Earl Grey tea and bergamot, with a good crackle of oily juniper alongside.

Do you know what's great? Gin. Do you know what else is great? Breakfast. Or better yet, brunch! One of the great things about working at a craft distillery is that after realising these important points, and that there's no gin on the market tailored to the glory of morning meals, you can do something about it!

Steven Kaplan set about making the perfect morning gin. Coffee was considered, but it was tea that won out as he decided upon an Earl Grey tea bergamot-forward recipe. Perfect for his brunch French 75 (and yours).

Country Of Origin: USA
Based in the home of the Prohibition, FEW Spirits works hard to create top-class craft spirits from grain to glass. The first distillery in Evanston, Illinois, since Prohibition and named after a key figure of the Temperance Movement, FEW Spirits creates all manner of superb drinks, which in turn create superb cocktails. Each of their distinctive bottles feature a different illustration from the Chicago World's Fair of 1892, another fine piece of local history.
Country Of Origin: USA

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