Filliers Dry Gin 28 Classic 50cl

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Country Belgium
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Filliers
Size 50cl
ABV 46%
Serving Suggestion With a decent tonic and lemon wheel

Fillers classic gin is a handcrafted premium gin, infused and distilled with 28 botanicals, carefully selected by the Master Distiller. Filliers Dry Gin 28 is patiently distilled in small batches, using traditional copper pot stills at the Filliers Distillery, established in 1880.

Notes of mixed peels off with the cental creamy juniper developing. Hints of coriander, cardamom perfectly complement this to create a warming dry gin.

Gold Medal Winner in the 2017 Wine and Spirits Tasting Competition

Country Of Origin: Belgium
Filliers are a Belgium based distillery who have been trading since 1792. Using 28 hand selected botanicals in all of their Gin which have won them numerous awards.
Country Of Origin: Belgium

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