Finest Call Mojito Mix 1 litre

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Country USA
Spirit Type Cocktail Liquids
Brand Finest Call
Size 1L
ABV 0.0%
Serving Suggestion Mojito: 50ml white rum, 75ml Finest Call Mojito mix, 25ml soda water, 100g ice, 4 mint leaves torn in half, 2 lime wedges cut in half. Place all ingredients in to a cocktail shaker in the order listed. Shake and serve.
Finest Call Premium Mojito Mix now bursts with even more all-natural fresh Mint and real first press Lime Juice. Simply add rum and soda to enjoy the perfect Mojito.
Country Of Origin: USA

All-Natural flavours, colours and real juices guarantee an unmatched cocktail experience.

Exclusive, smooth-pour dispensing closure on every bottle.

Finest Call Essential Cocktail mixes are high quality bartender friendly cocktail mixes, used all over the world.

Country Of Origin: USA

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