Fonseca 40 Year Old Tawny Port 75cl

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Country Portugal
Port Type Vintage Port
Region Douro
Brand Fonseca
Grape Variety Port Blend
Size 75cl
ABV 20%
Closure Type Cork
Vintage NV
Food Match Walnuts are an excellent accompaniment to Vintage Port, as are blue veined and other richly flavoured cheeses. So too are dried fruits such as apricots or figs.
Style Full and round

Fonseca 40 Year Old is an extremely rare and old tawny blend, made in very small quantities. Carefully selected red ports from Fonseca's own properties and some of the finest vineyards in the Upper Douro are matured in oak casks in Fonseca's cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.

The cool and damp costal climate aids the slow and gentle ageing process that is so important to producing the aromas, incredible complexities and finesse that this wonderful wines possess.

Fonseca 40 Year Old is a unique tawny port of great age with the characteristic olive ochre color of the very oldest ports matured in cask. Decades of evaporation have concentrated this extraordinary wine almost to an essence.

Nose of incredible power and density, unashamedly dominated by an all-pervading aroma of fine oak wood. Here, the typical aromas of cask ageing abound: spicy smells of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and licorice, warm roasted coffee smells, and an intense nuttiness reminiscent of walnut and hazel.

An incredible, lengthy finish leaving a mouthful of lasting, mellow, spicy flavors and a persistent impression of fine seasoned oak.

Country Of Origin: Portugal
Fonseca has belonged to the first rank of Vintage Port producers since the mid-nineteenth century. Fonseca Vintage Ports are noted for their luscious fruitiness which develops great opulence and complexity with age. Wines born of inspired winemaking and a thorough understanding of viticulture and terroir, they appeal, perhaps more than any other house's Vintage Ports, to the enthusiast and connoisseur. Vintage Ports represent the finest produce of a single exceptional year. Unlike Ports which age in wood, Vintage Ports will continue to age and improve in bottle for decades, their character bearing the imprint of both vineyard and wine maker. A constant thread that runs through the history of Fonseca is the family's close involvement with the making of the firm's Vintage Ports. Throughout the 20th century, the making of Fonseca Vintage Ports was overseen by only four family members, Frank, Dorothy, Bruce and David Guimaraens and this has helped to make Fonseca one of the most stylistically consistent of Vintage Port producers. Fonseca is unique among Port houses in making three different types of Vintage Port. Vintage ports are the wines drawn primarily from Fonseca's three quintas, all located in the Cima Corgo: Quinta de Santo Antonio, Quinta do Cruzeiro, and Quinta do Panascal. The finest grapes from these quintas produce its classic Vintage ports. The grapes are still trodden by foot in the stone lagares' of Cruzeiro and Panascal. The 1985 Vintage was preceded by an exceptionally cold, wet winter, with night temperatures well below freezing in early January. Berryset was excellent and the young bunches perfectly formed. The summer was hot throughout the region, with no rainfall during July and August. Fonseca picked earlier than most other shippers and the harvest was brought in under ideal conditions before the rain which fell later in the month of September. Conditions were ideal for fermentation resulting in must of exceptional colour and weight.
Country Of Origin: Portugal

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