Taylors Reserve Port Mini Decanter 20cl

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Country Portugal
Port Type Reserve Port
Region Douro
Brand Taylors
Grape Variety Port Blend
Size 20cl
ABV 20%
Closure Type Cork
Maturity drink now
Food Match An excellent accompaniment for rich cheeses, dried fruit, and desserts made of chocolate or black fruit
Style Rich and Powerful
Deep ruby-red colour, classic intense black fruit nose. Firm, vigorous, full-bodied palate, with powerful fruit flavours and a long finish. Deep ruby in colour, it has a potent nose of concentrated fruit, crammed with blackcurrant, plum and liquorice flavours. Its luscious texture is supported by a firm tannic structure giving the wine restrained elegance for which Taylor’s Ports are famous.
Country Of Origin: Portugal

Reserve Port is blended from full bodied young red wines, then mellowed by several years of ageing in oak vats where they soften and develop without losing their fresh, intense fruity character and their deep ruby colour.

As Port matures, the firm tannins and intense fruity flavours of youth gradually give way to the velvety smoothness and mellow, nuanced character which develop with age. At the same time there is a change in the wine’s appearance, its initial deep red colour slowly becoming paler and evolving into the subtle amber hue known as ‘tawny’. If left for long enough, all Ports will eventually make this change. However, the speed at which this occurs will depend on what the Port is aged in.
Ports can be broken down into two broad ‘families’: Wood aged Ports (sometimes known simply as ‘wood Ports’) which age in cask or vat, normally made of oak, and bottle aged Ports which, as the name indicates, spend most of their lives maturing in bottle.
A Port wine which is aged in wood is in contact with the air and will evolve more rapidly than one which ages in bottle and has almost no air contact. 
Within the wood aged Port family, there are three main styles:

Full bodied, fruity red Ports which age for a relatively short time in large oak vats. These include Ruby Ports, usually aged in vat for two or three years, Reserve Ports such as this one which are generally of higher quality and age for slightly longer and Late Bottled Vintage Ports which remain in vat for between four and six years. Although offering different degrees of complexity and sophistication, these wine share a deep red youthful colour and intense fruity flavours reminiscent of cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant.

Country Of Origin: Portugal

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