Gin 13 Raspberry Gin 70cl

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Country Portugal
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Gin 13
Size 70cl
ABV 40.0%

A Particularly fruity Portuguese gin, made with a selection of 13 botanicals including juniper; coriander seed; lemon; tangerine; cardamom; ginger; almond; angelica root; liquorice; prince herb; jasmine flower; black tea and a juicy core of fresh raspberries.

A Gin with a youthful appearance, light notes of hops but with a fresh and citric ending palate. It transmits the mystic message that one can create his / her own luck, therefore its name - Gin 13.

The alcohol is distilled from cereals four times, then distilled again with all the botanicals added, except for the lemon and the prince herb, which are added into the botanicals basket.

Country Of Origin: Portugal

A Portuguese gin, by entrepeneur Antonio Cuco, the man who also created the Sharish gin from Southern Portugal. Thanks to a "perfect storm" in life, the unemployed Cuco went from simple gin connoisseur to attempting to make a gin as a challenge from friends, to creating the Sharish brand that is exceeding all his expectations. Self-taught, he uses the botanicals that he loves.

Country Of Origin: Portugal

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