Glenfarclas The Family Cask 1996 Sherry Butt 70cl

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Country Scotland
Spirit Type Malt and Deluxe Whisky
Brand Glenfarclas
Size 70cl
ABV 57.6%
Glenfarclas 1996 Family Casks Release Release Summer 2016 Speyside single malt Scotch whisky. Single cask sherry butt #1067 bottled July 2016. 580 bottles.
Country Of Origin: Scotland
The Family Casks are a unique collection of the best single casks from the distillery's warehouses. Launched in 2007, the collection initially comprised 43 single cask bottlings, with one cask from every year from 1952 to 1994. It is their intention to continue to offer as wide a range of consecutive vintage dated single casks as possible, hence since 2007 there have been further releases, to replace casks which have sold out, and to extend the range to include vintages up to the year 2000. The Family Casks are bottled at cask strength and natural colour, allowing you to explore the subtle differences between casks and the history of family owned Glenfarclas.
Country Of Origin: Scotland

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