Grey Goose Vodka Spiritz Glass Gift 70cl

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Country France
Spirit Type Vodka
Brand Grey Goose
Size 70cl
ABV 40%

Enjoy a Grey Goose Spritz at home with the beautiful Gift!

Containing a 70cl bottle of Grey Goose Vodka along with a rare Grey Goose Vodka Branded Spirtz Glass.

A clear, fresh and elegant Vodka with a floral aroma bursting with citrus notes. Initially soft with a gentle sweetness, with a smooth and rounded texture with hints of almonds, finishing with a bright satisfying finish.

Country Of Origin: France
The origins of Grey Goose lie in the Cognac region of western France, a natural home for the World's Best Tasting Vodka. Grey Goose is the only vodka that calls on the expertise of a Maitre de Chai, or Cellar Master - a man named Francois Thibault. His skills help bring out the very best from 100% fine French wheat from La Beauce, a five-step distillation process and the artesian spring water naturally filtered through Champagne limestone - the elements which come together to produce a vodka which captures the essence of the region.
Country Of Origin: France

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