Hendricks Gin 'Dreamscapes' Tea Party Gift Set 70cl

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Country Scotland
Spirit Type Gin Gift
Brand Hendricks
Size 70cl
ABV 41.4%
Serving Suggestion 5cl of Hendrick’s along with 12.5cl Tonic water in a glass (or your Teacup!) over plenty of cubed ice, garnish with three wafer thin slices of cucumber.

A delightful little gift set, absolutely made for the loyal and loving Hendrick’s fan. Contains a 70cl bottle of the curious gin and a collector’s teacup.

The Dreamscape Gift Pack is a limited edition presentation of Hendrick's Gin with a delightfully peculiar Teacup and Saucer. 

Dreamscapes is the third limited edition gift pack from Hendricks, this time centred around dreams. Its an invitation to gather in impossible places. to defy gravity, dissolve into butterflies, reapparate sipping cocktails on Llamas. An invitation to fall in love a thousand times in a hundred seconds. To find glory in the darkest nightmares. To journey to places that existed not a moment ago. And this is not what we say, but an excerpt taken from the concept of Dreamscapes from the team at Hendricks Gin! We certainly think it sounds interesting and perhaps as perculiar as the gin itself and deliberately so.

No other gin tastes like Hendrick's because no other gin is made like Hendrick's. A wondrous botanical signature consisting of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. A gin bursting with Rose Petal and Cucumber flavours, it is the marriage of two different spirits from two rare and unusual stills: the Bennet still and the Carter-Head still. The combined spirits from the two make for an extraordinarily smooth gin that has the required character and balance of subtle flavours.

Hendrick's is a true small batch Gin, distilling in miniscule batches of 500 litres, which giving master master distiller Lesley Gracie even greater control of her careful artistry. The wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for a delicious duet of infusions: petals from the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa Damascena rose and specially selected cucumbers from the finest producers.

Country Of Origin: Scotland

Hendrick’s Gin is a small batch gin distilled in Scotland. Infused with Bulgarian Rose and Cucumber, the unusual distillation process combined with an oddly delicious set of infusions yields a one-of-a-kind gin that is passionately loved by all over the world. Owned by William Grant and Sons, this eccentric Gin was born from a history in which an infusion of happenings created something wonderful – much like the creation of this superior gin.

In 1860, a Bennet Still is made by coppersmiths in London. Only a few Bennett stills were ever produced, however the few that were gained a reputation for yielding a spirit that is particularly robust and flavourful.

In 1886 William Grant, with his sons and daughters, built their family distillery in Scotland.

In 1948, The Carter-Head still destined for Hendrick’s is manufactured by John Dore & Co. With a vapour-driven flavour basket atop a quite long neck, the Carter-Head engenders an exceedingly subtle, fresh and delicate spirit. Despite its fabulousness, the carter-head still has become quite rare. Only a few are known to exist today.

In 1966 On somewhat of a whim, Mr. Charles Gordon, Great Grandson of Mr. William Grant, purchases at auction two unusual stills: one, a phenomenally rare Carter-Head; and the other, a dusty 19th-century Bennet. (It will be a full thirty-three years before he actually determines what precisely to do with these peculiar contraptions).

In 1988 Mr. Charles Gordon enlists Ms. Lesley Gracie (a lover of all things curious and flavoursome) in his eccentric quest to invent an elixir with his two entirely different and very antique stills.

In 1999, finally, Mr. Gordon and Ms. Gracie achieve "a peculiar sort of deliciousness" by firing up both the carter-head and Bennet stills with an odd symphony of botanicals further enlivened with curious infusions of cucumber and rose. Against all odds, they concoct the odd perfection that becomes known as Hendricks’s gin.

Country Of Origin: Scotland

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