Holy Grass Vodka 70cl 41.5%

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Country Scotland
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Rock Rose
Size 70cl
ABV 41.5%
Serving Suggestion Serve with Decent Tonic and a lemon Wedge

Delicate and fresh with a creamy smooth finish, Holy Grass vodka is the new release from the husband and wife team behind Rock Rose gin.

Made from a top-secret recipe using a copper pot still, Caithness stone and locally-sourced ingredients, the spirit is also infused with a carefully crafted vapour of Highland apples and apple juice, to complement the sweetness of the key ingredient: The Holy Grass botanical.

On the palate the apple comes into play more, doing so through texture as much as taste. There's a physical knowledge that it's there, with chamomile, pear skin and honey. The finish lingers with sweet vanilla.

Great Taste Winner - 2016

Country Of Origin: Scotland

The Dunnet Bay distillery, as its name implies, is located in the spectacular bay of Dunnet, where the freshest of air and the finest of water are in abundance, the Dunnet Bay Distillery thoughtfully and passionately handcraft each exceptional product.

The bespoke pot still, Elizabeth, has been uniquely designed just to create Dunnet Bay spirits. Using a traditional handmade copper head along with botanical vapour basket, it is a small batch process of 500 litres ensuring tremendous care can be applied to achieve best results. After slow, careful distillation, each bottle is filled, hand-waxed, batch numbered and signed before it leaves the distillery.

With an abundance of unique and flavourful plants and botanicals on their doorstep, including Sea Buckthorn, the Rowan tree – sometimes known as Mountain Ash, and Rhodiola rosea, more commonly known as rose root, which is a plant that grows in colder climes – ideal for the fresh breezes of Caithness and that which gives the Gin its name. Over a thousand years ago, the Vikings would harvest wild exposed cliffs to gather Rhodiola rosea. This was thought to give them the extra strength to continue on their long arduous journeys. The distillery harvests and uses the root of the plant, to give the most rose and delicate floral notes to the gin.

Country Of Origin: Scotland

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