Janneau Vintage Collection Armagnac 1967 70cl In Wooden Gift Box

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Country France
Spirit Type Armagnac
Brand Janneau
Size 70cl
ABV 43.0%

Armagnac has been produced for 700 years making it the oldest spirit in France (possibly the world). It's one of three French "Appellation Contrôlée" brandies (others being Cognac and Calvados.)

"The worlds most awarded Armagnac" - International spirit competitions have awarded Janneau more medals than any other producer.

Since 1851, Janneau has been one of oldest & finest Armagnac producers. They have the largest stock of old Armagnac in the world (10% of stocks over 10 years old.)

Armagnac is unique in that it is one of the only appellations to release its brandies by vintage. Janneau matures its vintages for a minimum of 18 years before bottling to allow the spirit to soften and develop in complexity.

Country Of Origin: France

Founded in 1851 by Pierre Etienne Janneau, Janneau is the oldest of the great Houses of Armagnac. Janneau are unique in that they are one of the few producers to own its own distillery and cellars, allowing them to carry out all distillation, ageing and bottling under their own roof in the heart of the Armagnac region. Overseeing the production is a cellar master with an astounding 35 years’ experience at the Maison. Janneau’s vast stocks and unparalleled collection of old Armagnacs enables the skilful blending of several different Armagnacs to create consistent, award-winning styles. By regulation, two different methods are allowed to distil Armagnac; the continuous distillation method called ‘Armagnacais’ and the Double Distillation method using pot stills.

At the House of Janneau they blend brandies produced by both methods – a characteristic which distinguishes their Armagnac from all others. In the UK Janneau is the undisputed leader in the Armagnac category, – an achievement which can be largely attributed to the Giovinetti family who purchased the company in 1993. Armando Giovinetti, who was responsible for the purchase, has had a long and successful association with premium spirits and is widely recognised as having been instrumental in the development of the Malt Whisky category and other specialist spirits in his home country of Italy.

Today, Janneau is managed by his son, Fabio Giovinetti who shares his father’s enthusiasm, passion and pioneering spirit for the business. As a result, Janneau continues to lead the field within the Armagnac sector providing excellent quality, innovative packaging and contemporary labelling which clearly defines age and quality. Janneau now produces two distinct styles of Armagnac to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers.

Country Of Origin: France

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