Jodhpur London Dry Gin 70 43%

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Country England
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Jodhpur
Size 70cl
ABV 43%
Serving Suggestion Great in a cocktail
Distilled in England by prestigious distillers with more than a hundred years of experience, Jodhpur is conceived as a London Dry Gin whose recipe is obtained from the macerated of 13 different botanists. The bottling process ensures that it retains all the aromatic integrity this is achieved thanks to the traditional stills in which is it produced.

Each of the 13 botanist are responsible for giving the gin a combination of bitter, fresh and sweet notes at the same time, an herbal aroma of spices and a citrus scent, complemented in a perfect distillate that is very pleasing to the palate.

During the production process, Jodhpur goes through four distillations, the last of which is done in the presence of citrus macerates, and it lasts seven days. The fourth distillation is the one that brings you the personality and citrus character that make it a high-quality gin.

Country Of Origin: England
Jodhur London Dry Gin is inspired by the second city of the State of Rajasthan, in the northwest of India, located in the famous Spice Trade Route. Jodhpur, widely known as the Blue City due to the colour with which the houses are painted under Mehrangarh fort, formerly Brahmin houses, the highest and most important caste of the Hindu tradition, is located in the Thar Desert, arid land only crossed by merchants and caravans of camels loaded with spices.
Country Of Origin: England

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