Jungfrau 22% 70cl

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Country Germany
Spirit Type Liqueurs and Other
Brand Jungfrau
Size 70cl
ABV 22.0%

A unique infusion of herbs, spices & botanicals for a smooth warming taste. Jungfrau combines fermented & distilled alcohol with a carefully selected blend of spices, herbs & fruit to create the almost mystical taste & aroma which is Jungfrau. The Jungfrau family of liqueurs is made with premium ingredients in Germany, and can be enjoyed straight or as a base for long drinks and energy cocktails.

Jungfrau Herbal Schnapps is a 22% ABV herbal schnapps for a lighter experience, yet still with excellent taste and aroma, made with premium ingredients.

Named after the highest Swiss Alps.

Country Of Origin: Germany

Jungfrau is macerated and distilled from a carefully selected blend of more than 40 spices, herbs and their roots, fruits and their peels, and flowers. Add aniseed, bitter orange and the aromatic essence of white turmeric to achieve the almost mystical taste and aroma which is Jungfrau.

The Jungfrau is the highest, most complex and often referred to as the most beautiful of the famous Swiss Bernese Alps.

As early as 1780 there are contemporary accounts of a first ascent of the Jungfrau but all expeditions failed, some tragically ending in fatalities.

That is until the expedition of the Meyer Brothers in 1811 who reached the mountains summit in 1811 after four days spent climbing glaciers.

Some believe the Meyer brothers expedition succeeded because of a concoction given to them by Mrs Meyer, their Mother -a secret recipe that had passed through the generations.

Each brother carried a hip flask containing the brew, a blend of more than 40 herbs and spices, to sip when their bodies needed the extra warmth.

And so Jung Frau was born

Country Of Origin: Germany

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