Kilchoman Original Cask Strength Quarter Cask Matured 70cl

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Country Scotland
Spirit Type Malt and Deluxe Whisky
Brand Kilchoman
Size 70cl
ABV 57.0%
This is the second limited release of Original Cask Strength. It has been fully matured for over six years in quarter casks and bottled at cask strength. Quarter casks, roughly a quarter the size of a 500 litre Butt, allow for increased whisky to wood contact within the barrel creating pronounced caramel and vanilla character in the resulting single malt.

Nose: Powerful, citrus and floral notes with soft peat smoke.

Palate: Mouth coating, sweet, well rounded with soft peat interwoven with cooked fruits and vanilla.

Finish: Long and clean with maritime salt and lingering soft peat smoke.

�Bottling at cask strength without chill filtering or colouring allows for the natural full bodied texture and character of the single malt to shine through� Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder & MD
Country Of Origin: Scotland
Kilchoman was the first distillery to be built on Islay for over 124 years and remains Islay�s only independent, family run distillery.

Based on the rugged west coast of Islay, the distillery was established by Anthony Wills in 2005, the idea was to build a new distillery which took whisky production back to its roots. Anthony and wife Kathy have now been joined by their three sons: George, James and Peter making the business very much a family affair.

Kilchoman is Islay�s Farm Distillery, the distillery produces its 100% Islay single malt from barley which is grown in fields surrounding the distillery and completes every stage of the whisky-making process at the distillery, including traditional floor malting. Kilchoman is the only distillery in Scotland to do this.

Every bottle of Kilchoman is hand bottled on Islay at a minimum of 46% ABV allowing for the full-bodied character of the whisky to shine through.

All the barrels are shipped whole directly to Islay. All of the Bourbon Barrels are sourced exclusively from Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky allowing for uniquely efficient and consistent maturation.

Kilchoman�s stills are amongst the smallest in Scotland, increasing copper contact and creating unmatched balance and complexity. The distillery does not chill-filter or colour Kilchoman Single Malt, the whisky is a pure and unfiltered representation of traditional whisky distilling.

Country Of Origin: Scotland

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