KWV Cruxland Gin 70cl 43%

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Country South Africa
Spirit Type Gin
Brand KWV
Size 70cl
ABV 43.0%
Serving Suggestion KWV recommend it is served neat over a block of ice, but will naturally work well in the classic G&T or any other gin cocktail.

KWV Cruxland Gin is a clear fragrant spirit with a bold and earthy character that is lightly tinted by its signature botanicals.

Beneath a cross of stars on ancient African soil, deep beneath the arid earth, a treasure awaits - the N'aabas or Kalahari Truffles, double distilled together with 8 other signature botanicals, including truly South African Rooibos and Heunigbos (Honeybush), it forms the complex and distinctive palate of KWV Pure grape gin Cruxland Gin.  

This gin boasts notes of fresh Juniper and lemon, further enhanced by coriander and spices. This is all backed up with the earthy notes imparted by the Kalahari truffles and Rooibos

From the Western Cape in South Africa.

Country Of Origin: South Africa

Cruxland Gin, from the noted South African winemakers KWV, is a London Dry style gin crafted using botanicals unique to the region. Kalahari Truffles, the signature botanical used and known locally as N'abbas, can only be found by experienced truffle hunters after it rains, when the truffles swell up and create a distinctive cross shaped crack in the ground giving away their location. This cross in the land is where the gin derives its name from.

The gin is double distilled from grapes with two other South African botanicals, Rooibos and Honeybush, which complement the truffle to give Cruxland gin a distinctive South African flair. This is in addition to 6 other traditional London Dry gin botanicals: juniper, coriander, cardamom, lemon, almond and aniseed. Finally, it is cold filtered for exceptional smoothness.

Country Of Origin: South Africa

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