Lanchester Honey Mead 75cl

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Country UK
Brand Lanchester
Size 75cl
ABV 14.5%
Closure Type screwcap
Vintage NV
Food Match Try it with stromg hard cheese, such as a strong, traditional English Cheddar
Special Features Suitable for Vegetarians
Style Sweet, rich and delicious

Lanchester Mead is a medium sweet drink, blended with pure heather honey for a delightfully sweet and rounded flavour. Delicious served either on its own, or as a long drink with sparkling water or a light lemonade, or drunk in accompaniment to a fine piece of cheese. It is a traditional beverage that has been enjoyed the world over since around 7000 BC.

It is thought that the name Mead is derived from the word honey with strong similarities in various Cerilic, Latin and Slavic languages. There are even references in ancient Sanskrit texts to a sweet honey drink known as Madhu.

Country Of Origin: UK

Mead is fermented with three basic ingredients: honey, yeast and water. It isn’t classified as beer or wine in the typical sense, but stands apart in its own rank of alcoholic beverage. You might hear mead referred to as honey wine, but this is not strictly accurate. Mead is created by fermenting honey, while wine is made from fermented fruit. And though mead is often flavoured with various fruits, that does not make it wine.

Mead is possibly the oldest alcoholic beverage on earth. Chinese pottery vessels dating from 7000 BC suggest evidence of mead fermentation that out-ages both wine and beer. The very first batch of mead was probably a chance discovery: Early foragers likely drank the contents of a rainwater-flooded beehive that had fermented naturally with the help of airborne yeast. Once knowledge of mead production was in place, the sweet beverage became globally popular with Vikings, Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans alike.

Mead was considered a powerful ambrosia by ancient Greeks. Referred to as “nectar of the gods”, mead was believed to be dew sent from the heavens and collected by bees. Many European cultures considered bees to be the gods’ messengers, and mead was thus associated with immortality and other magical powers, such as Olympus-level strength and wit. For this reason, mead continued to factor heavily in Greek ceremonies even after its eventual decline in drinking popularity.

Sweet mead is the original aphrodisiac. The origin of “honeymoon” harks back to the medieval tradition of drinking honey wine for a full moon cycle after a new marriage. All that golden essence would supposedly ensure a fruitful union bearing plenty of children. This mead-based insurance policy was taken so seriously that a bride’s father included a month’s worth of mead in her dowry.

Country Of Origin: UK

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