Larios Rose Gin 70cl

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Country Spain
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Larious
Size 70cl
ABV 37.5%

Aromas of delicious fresh Spanish strawberries are you ready to meet when opening the bottle of gin. A delicious mild flavor with strong aromas, notes of flowers and a lovely long finish. The bright pink color and the clear bottle make this drink a pleasure to watch, but more important is the content, this delightful distillate is pretty bright with a very fine taste of strawberries. A delight for the gin lover!

Country Of Origin: Spain
Larios Dry Gin dates back to 1866 when Charles Lamothe, a French wine entrepreneur, together with his Spanish associate, Fernando Jimenez, founded Jimenez and Lamonthe Company. The third marquise of Larios, Jose Aurelio Larios, provided the financial backing to Jimenez and Lamonthe, and eventually purchased the company he financed. The company name changed to Larios and Larios Dry Gin received the name by which it is known today. Larios has well over 100 years of gin distilling experience and has become on of the largest selling gins worldwide. Known throughout continental Europe, Larios has built a reputation for using the finest quality botanicals and an eye for consistent quality. All of this epitomised in Larios 12, its premium gin expression. Larios 12 undergoes four initial distillations to ensure the perfect depth and blend of botanicals are achieved. A final fifth distillation incorporates the orange blossom which gives Larios 12 its silken aroma and being the 12th botanical also its name.
Country Of Origin: Spain

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