Liverpool Valencian Orange Gin 70cl

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Country England
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Sovereign Distillery
Size 70cl
ABV 46.0%
A fantastic tasting orange scented twist on the classic Liverpool Gin, which is made using the finest organic ingredients from the city’s quayside including juniper berries, corianders, angelica roots and citrus fruits. This version is flavoured with Valencian oranges, adding extra notes of fruit. A vibrant, sunny twist of juicy oranges adds to the wonderful complex balance of flavours.
Country Of Origin: England

Inspired by the maritime city’s great history (including the welcoming of many traditional, gin botanicals to these shores), the fine folks at Liverpool Organic Brewery decided to set up Liverpool Distillery and create a new range of organic gins. Liverpool Gin are proud to be one of very few UK distilleries that make truly organic spirits.

The unique blend of botanicals and grain spirit that makes the organic Liverpool gin, have been landed for centuries on Liverpool's bustling quayside. Ingredients such as the finest coriander, angelica and citrus, plus hand-picked juniper berries resulting in an excellently balanced yet complex gin.

This Valencian Orange variety from Liverpool Gin was created by head distiller John O'Dowd to celebrate his son’s wedding day and welcome his beautiful daughter in law Clara to the family. It combines Liverpool Gin’s highly distinctive blend of organic botanicals and ingredients with the zesty, citrus notes of orange from her home in Valencia.

Country Of Origin: England

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