Marie Brizard Triple Sec 70cl

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Country France
Spirit Type Cocktail Liquids
Brand Marie Brizard
Size 70cl
ABV 23.0%

A subtle combination of bitter orange skin from Haiti and sweet orange zest from the south of Spain.  The addition of aromatic plants gives the characteristic touch specific to Marie Brizard Triple Sec.  The ingredients are distilled with care to produce this Liqueur that adds something special to all cocktails.

Country Of Origin: France

Since 1755 with the creation of the 1st Anisette recipe, Marie Brizard offers a wide range of naturally flavoured liqueurs through a careful selection of quality ingredients and the creation of exclusive recipes.

Marie Brizard, a young female visionary, was the first French master liqueurist. She created the legendary Anisette, a secret recipe that has been carefully guarded for 260 years. Over the course of centuries, the house has diversified and perfected its expertise in designing new liqueurs and unique flavours, such as Parfait Amour and Fine Orange, symbols of subtlety and French elegance. Famous for its mastery of the blender's art, today Marie Brizard is a staple in over 100 countries and her legacy remains the premier international line of liqueurs constantly recognized in the most prestigious worldwide competitions.

Marie Brizard was born in 1714 in Bordeaux, in 1755, she took care of an ill West Indian sailor, and in return he gave her a recipe for aniseed liquor. That year, she and her nephew, Jean-Baptiste Roger, founded the company. The company began to grow, and was even presented to King Louis XV. In 1795, Jean-Baptiste Roger died. In 1801, Marie died. The company was passed to the widow of Roger, and the family kept ownership of the company for over ten generations until 1998. In 1954, it became a public limited company and has been a subsidiary of Belvédère since 2006.

Country Of Origin: France

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