Mentzendorff Kümmel Liqueur 50cl

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Country France
Spirit Type Liqueurs
Brand Mentzendorff
Size 50cl
ABV 38%
Serving Suggestion After a meal as a delicious digestif
A wonderful way to end a meal, Mentzendorff Kümmel - served ice cold - is a great digestif. Powerful, lifted aromas of aniseed, cumin and hints of orange zest on the nose. A sweet liqueur, filling the mouth with flavours of caraway and white pepper. Liquorice notes linger on the finish, striking a great balance of sweetness and spice.
Country Of Origin: France

Mentzendorff Kümmel was born out of the creativity of a Dutch aristocrat, the Baron Von Blanckenhagen, and the talents of a young entrepreneur called Ludwig Mentzendorff.  

1823 saw the foundation of a Russian distillery in the village of Allasch, in the region of Livonia near Russia's Baltic Port of Riga. The Allasch distillery was the concept of Baron von Blanckenhagen and was built on his family's large country estate. Over twenty or so years the Allasch distillery quietly developed its business, establishing a reputation for its Kummel, the schnapps-like liqueur flavoured with caraway seed. During this time other European Liqueur manufacturers began to imitate the increasing famous liqueur; however none succeeded to match the genuine finesse of the original recipe.

It quietly grew to such popularity that in the early 1850's a talented export manager named Ludwig Mentzendorff arranged the now popular liqueur for export to the UK under his own name and "Mentzendorff Kummel" was born.

It is now distilled in Saumur, France, true to its original recipe by Combier Distillery, Loire Valley since 1985 in their world famous distillery designed by Gustave Eiffel. Caraway seed is placed into vats with natural alcohol derived from sugar beet. The pot stills are steam heated for 7 hours. The steam is passed under the stills at 152oC at 7 bar pressure. At this temperature it takes 20 minutes for the still to start boiling. Once the distillate passes through the cooling pipes it is collected in inert tubs. To produce the clarity of flavour Mentzendorff Kummel is double distilled. During the first distillation, the heart is collected at 85-86o and is retained, the tails are also kept, however the unstable heads are disposed of. The hearts and the tails together undergo a second distillation from which only the hearts are collected. This clear, stable liquid is transferred to stainless steel vats where it is mixed with sugar and reduced to 38% abv with ionised water. It remains in these vats for two months prior to bottling. Prior to bottling each bottle or magnum is rinsed with neutral spirit.

Once filled each individual bottle is wax sealed by hand. This unique schnapps-like liqueur made its way to the heart of many people over the years and can still be found in many households.

Country Of Origin: France

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