Miclo Eau-de-Vie Carafon De Poire William 43% 70cl

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Country France
Spirit Type Liqueur
Brand Miclo
Size 70cl
ABV 43%

The finest of Pear Eau de Vie from world famous producer's Miclo presented in the traditional fashion in a superb decanter with the pear in the bottle. Also known as a “Poire Prisonniere” or imprisoned pear.

Miclo’s “Les Fruits Captifs” contains a whole pear in a small carafe of pear Eaux de Vie. The fruit is grown in the warm orchards of the Rhone Valley. The carafons are slipped over the young fruits when they are very small and are suspended on the pear tree until the fruits ripens. Fermentation of the fruits is followed by distillation; the eaux de vie generated contains 70% alcohol before a reduction obtained by the addition of water from the Vosges mountain to make it ready for consumption. The eaux de vie is added to the jar containing the captive fruit.

The spirit and the pear each lends the other intriguing characteristics. Smell the pear! Bite the pear!

Country Of Origin: France

Gilbert Miclo founded the Miclo Distillery in 1965 in Alsace. He had succeeded his father as head of the family company in 1962, but in those days they were only traders of wines, eaux de vie and beers. The decision was taken to produce their own fruit brandies, and to concentrate on only products of the very finest quality.

The company swiftly became well-known and by 1972 Miclo had 50 agents selling its products throughout France. Miclo also caught the attention of master patissiers—who wanted the purest fruit brandy for flavouring their fine pastries and desserts ; this in turn lead to the 1974 establishment of a specialist culinary range.

In 1977, a new distillery was built housing four stills and 36 new Inox stainless-steel tanks for macerating the fruit and ageing the brandies.

In 1985 Miclo purchased an additional distillery in Alsace, and expanded its product offering even further. Today the distillery uses more than 2,000 tonnes of fresh fruit each year, and is still a frequent prize winner, proud of its listings in top bars, hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Country Of Origin: France

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