Mystery Mixed Whites 6 x 75cl

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Brand Various
Size 6 x 75cl
6 Mystery Mixed Whites Case - six superb White Wines of various origin and varietals, retailing under £10 a bottle (off promotion) but at an unbelievable total case price of £49.99. So if you fancy incredible value for money and are willing to experiment with quality wines you may have never tried before, this mystery case is for you.
Our Mystery Cases are made up of good quality Wines that are either leftovers from a specific order or perhaps may have been returned to our warehouse. Sometimes they have been returned due to customers changing their minds at the point of delivery, or from a sale or return special event. Occasionally, there may be slight cosmetic damage to the label but this is the exception rather than the rule. Anything that is selected to go into our Mystery cases is carefully checked over to make sure it is still at the best quality for drinking and that there is no damage to the cork or cap. Wines are inspected and re-worked into new mystery cases to offer you some incredible bargains.

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