Nelson's Premium Gin No 7 70cl

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Country England
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Nelsons
Size 70cl
ABV 42.5%

Infusing fine and pleasingly original botanicals from across the globe, such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves from Thailand, vanilla from Madagascar and cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Nelson’s Gin is light and refreshing with a very clean flavour on the palate but at the same time deeply and surprisingly complex.

Nelson’s Gin has an especially clean taste, attributed to the high-quality water used in its production which is naturally filtered through a reed bed. The first mouthful is distinctly dry with plenty of juniper and subtle spice from the vanilla and cinnamon. This then develops into a rounded sweetness with faintly fruity aromas. An exceptional, and very smooth, spirit.

Country Of Origin: England

Nelson’s Gin has been created by one man; Neil Harrison.

Having worked extensively as a chef, Neil knew that a pleasing and memorable tasting experience depends on the combination of many factors; from an inspired balance of flavours through to presentation, context and the all-too-elusive creation of ambience; the vital ingredient which owes more to alchemy than any kind of practicality.

Nelson’s Gin is made in small batches made in a futuristic distillery on a self-contained site, to be enjoyed by those who appreciate its life-affirming qualities. It is the only gin made on the Derbyshire and Staffordshire borders, its manufacture being a sophisticated 21st century version of a ‘cottage industry’, employing clean energy combined with advanced technology to support the natural processes which result in a very special gin.

For over 200 years, no ship of the Royal Navy left port without its complement of Navy Strength Gin aboard. ‘Navy Strength’ meant that the spirit contained sufficient alcohol to still combust, should it be spilt onto gunpowder. Anything weaker would simply soak the powder, rendering it useless and the ship, defenceless. Gin had to pass the ‘proof’ test. And yet, it was an altogether subtler spirit which allegedly inspired Lord Nelson, a complex and aromatic gin produced only on the island of Menorca, at one time Lord Nelson’s base. Nelson’s Gin is named in honour of England’s greatest ever naval hero. Its flavour is also in homage to the grandfather of its inventor. An outstanding man by the name of Nelson James Harrison.

Neil spent two years researching and trialling the best combinations of botanical ingredients from around the world, attending a local gin school 7 times making 7 batches each time before finally mastering the final secret recipe for what is now Nelson’s Gin No.7.

Country Of Origin: England

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