Old J Spiced Rum 70cl Cherry

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Country United Kingdom
Spirit Type Rum
Brand Old J
Size 70cl
ABV 35.0%
Serving Suggestion Serve over ice in a long drink with cola
Spiced Rum... with Cherry infusion! Old J Cherry is an exciting flavour containing all the 11 flavours from the original Old J Spiced Rum but with an added infusion of Maraschino Cherry that goes into the blend of Premium Caribbean rum along with the spices. This is definitely not a cherry liqueur and still very much a spiced rum - one to add to the cocktail cabinet!
Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Admiral Vernon's Old J Rum is a small-batch rum made in the British Virgin Islands and aged for up to three years. Created from a blend of the finest Caribbean rum infused with a secret blend of seven spices, sugar, vanilla and Persian limes, this award-winning spiced rum is sweet and flavoursome and one of the most popular spiced rums on the market.

Created in honour of Admiral Edward Vernon AKA “Old Grog” who enforced a reduction in strength of the British Navy Rum ration in 1940, many of the sailors were dissatisfied with the dilution of their rum ration and so legend has it that he also suggested adding lime juice and sugar to make it more enjoyable. Old J brings Vernon's concept into the 21st Century. The result is technically a spirit drink made with rum as the ABV is not high enough to be legally called “rum” in the UK.

However, the story doesn’t quite end there. In the late noughties a craze for Sailor Jerry and coke hit the UK. For a while Spiced Rum and in particularly Sailor Jerry was very trendy. Since this craze Morgan’s Spiced and The Kraken have taken over where Sailor Jerry once ruled. The UK still has an appetite for Spiced Rum but it’s not quite as high as it once was.

One of the reasons for this was the controversial adoption of the US recipe of Sailor Jerry in the UK. The vanilla and sugar heavy Sailor Jerry enjoyed by the UK was very different from the more rounded spicing in the US Sailor Jerry. However, popular opinion was that the original recipe Sailor Jerry needed to be brought back. There is no real further explanation needed as to why the “Old” and “J” are so pronounced on the bottle and the Admiral Vernon is virtually non-existent……

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

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