Old Worthy - Leither's Cure for Scurvy 33cl - Case of 12

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Country United Kingdom
Brand Old Worthy
Size 12 x 330ml
ABV 5.5%

A case of 12 of this Whisky infused Marmalade Pale Ale.

A Cure For Scurvy is a classic example of the new ideas flooding the Beer world. Even with the market swelling with products, this beer is a roller-coaster of taste and sensations. The first thing that you notice when you first take a deep smell from the glass is the instant sensation of classic Breakfasts Toast, Marmalade, butter and Grain. All of these things invoke the feelings of warmth home and mornings. The taste is very similar but with a light and fruity taste; presumably from the whisky infused marmalade that the beer has been made with.

A superb brew with citrus notes and a malty palate. As with all Old Worthy beers, it is designed to go with Single malt Scotch whisky. Enjoy it on its own or with a delicate and sweet whisky such as Glen Garioch whisky or a similar Highland Malt.

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Old men in Scottish pubs have been drinking their ales with a dram since forever. It’s called a Half ‘n Half. It’s what you do in Scotland. At Old Worthy Brewing Co, they love a Half ‘n Half, that special marriage of whisky and beer. It’s why they brew our beers. Malt is sourced from Scotland’s famous whisky distilleries and used to brew up the Old Worthy Ales. Ales that do justice to the drams we love.

Old Worthy Brewery is the project of Nick Ravenhall on the Isle of Skye. The brewery name comes from ‘local worthies’, Islay distillery men made legendary for their hard work and their production of the finest Islay single malt whiskies. The flagship product of old Worthy Brewing Co Scottish Pale Ale is brewed with honey and peat smoked malt. Nick’s aim has always been to make a beer that would stand well on its own or paired with a dram of single malt whisky of any type aimed to improve the experience for everyone.

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

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