Pinkster Gin 5cl

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Country England
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Pinkster
Size 5cl
ABV 38.0%
Serving Suggestion Enjoy with gin martini or mix with a premium tonic for a classic G and T
Made using 5 botanicals this small-batch premium gin is hand-steeped in fresh raspberries which delivers a deliciously dry gin with gentle fruit notes.
Country Of Origin: England
It all came about when founder Stephen realised wine and beer no longer agreed with him. A keen maker of sloe liqueurs and other concoctions, he turned his attention to spirits and started experimenting at home, mashing assorted fruits with different spirit strengths. He wasn't intentionally creating a pink drink, it's just that after working his way through an entire fruit bowl, raspberry delivered the best flavour. G&J Distillers, one of the world’s oldest gin distilleries, was recruited to the cause. They produce the core spirit with five botanicals to pinksters original recipe. They then macerate with a further three botanicals, including fresh raspberries grown locally to their rural base outside Cambridge.
Country Of Origin: England

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