Pococello Lemon Liqueur 50cl

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Country England
Spirit Type Liqueurs and Other
Brand Chase Distillery
Size 50cl
ABV 27.0%
Serving Suggestion Serve neat over ice or with a decent Tonic: The fresh sweetness of Pococello makes a perfect balance with the slight bitterness of the Tonic - an instant summertime classic.

A refreshing English made lemon Liqueur.  Handcrafted with the most fragrant Amalfi lemons and England’s finest spirit, in small batches by the world-renowned Chase Distillery, in league with Pizza Pilgrims.

It contains half the sugar of traditional Limoncello and has super fresh and crisp aromas of intense lemon. It tastes fresh, fragrant, and slightly herby with a creamy finish - no trace of artificial flavours!

On the nose, you’re hit with a burst of freshly cut lemons. The palate is thick with a sweet vanilla creaminess like lemon meringue pie. The finish is intense with lots of citrus notes and lingering lemon zest, this punchy citrus liqueur rivals Italy’s best.

Country Of Origin: England

Someone once told James Chase and his friends at Pizza Pilgrims that exquisite limoncello can only come from Italy. So they made Pococello - and proved that person wrong. Blending Chase Vodka with the finest Amalfi lemons, this punchy citrus liqueur rivals Italy’s best.

As a simple product, the quality of the ingredients are essential to making a great Limoncello. Pococello’s lemons are grown by 82-year-old Luigi Aceto, who was conceived, born and raised in his family’s ancient lemon groves in the hills above Amalfi. A unique combination of constant sun, cooling Mediterranean breeze, and rich volcanic soil add up to the ideal conditions for growing the world’s most fragrant lemons.

Signor Aceto’s lemons are packed with the essential oils that make for a drinking experience entirely different to the limoncello you would be served for free at a traditional Italian trattoria.

The lemons are hand-peeled and macerated in Chase Distillery’s 96% Hereford potato spirit, giving Pococello its trademark cloudiness - the first thing to look for in a premium Limoncello. The high quality base spirit gives Pococello a smooth, warm flavour.

The final touch was to reduce the usual Limoncello sugar levels by half, allowing the amazing lemon flavour to shine through even more. It’s a fresher and more versatile drink that leaves people wanting more.

Pococello derives its name from the Italian word for 'a little bit'. Legend has it the street traders in Soho in the 50's and 60's walked the streets shouting “ecco un poco”, or “try a little bit” - a great tie to the Soho heritage of the brand.

Country Of Origin: England

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