Pussers Original Grog Cocktail Mix - 1L

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Country British Virgin Islands
Spirit Type Cocktail Liquids
Brand Pussers Navy Rum
Size 1000ml
Serving Suggestion Equal parts of the authentic Original Grog Cocktail Mix with Pussers Rum over the rocks, a squeeze of fresh lime and water to taste.
Add Pusser's Rum to this, and you have the original grog as mandated by Admiral Vernon in his Orders to Captains in 1740. It is not one of the modern streamlined tropical cocktails that borrowed the name grog for some barman's concoction having no relation to the real thing. The Pusser's Grog Mix is made from the juice of fresh limes and dark cane sugar, the same ingredients prescribed by Admiral Vernon in 1740. It is delightfully delicious, and the real thing.
Country Of Origin: British Virgin Islands

Pusser’s Rum bottles, blends and distributes the original Royal Navy rum—one of the most historic and traditional rums still available today. Pusser’s Rum Admiralty range is a blend issued from 5 different stills located in Guyana and Trinidad. Each marque is hand-selected, according to specification, for its individual smoothness, flavour, and mellow depth. The rich flavour of Pusser’s Rum is all natural—no artificial flavouring or colouring is added.

From the Pussers Website:

"This most traditional of all rum drinks is a rich part of the early history of Pusser’s Rum. There was an Admiral by the name of Vernon affectionately nicknamed 'Old Grog' on account of the old grogram cloak (a rough hewn fabric of mohair and silk) that he often wore when the weather was bad.

In Vernon’s time, the men received one-half pint of rum a day which they drank neat, that is without water. Thus there was a lot of drunkenness and disobedience on board for which many of the men were brutally disciplined. He was much concerned with what he called, “the swinish vice of drunkenness”. He believed that if the rum was diluted with water that its effects on the senses would be reduced – even though the men were to receive the same amount of rum. Thus Admiral Vernon issued his infamous Order to Captains No. 349 on August 21, 1740.  His order refers to the “unanimous opinion of both Captains and Surgeons that the pernicious custom of the seaman drinking their allowance of rum in drams, and often at once, is attended with many fatal effects to their morals as well as their health … besides the ill consequences of stupifying [sic] their rational qualities … You are hereby required and directed … that the respective daily allowance … be every day mixed with the proportion of a quart of water to a half pint of rum, to be mixed in a scuttled butt kept for that purpose, and to be done upon the deck, and in the presence of the Lieutenant of the Watch who is to take particular care to see that the men are not defrauded in having their full allowance of rum… and let those that are good husbanders receive extra lime juice and sugar that it be made more palatable to them.”

The men were incensed that he should have ordered that their rum be diluted, and named it contemptuously grog from the name they had given him. Thus real grog is Pusser’s Rum with water, limejuice and brown cane sugar. Unwittingly, Vernon had created the world’s first cocktail – grog!"

Read more here: www.pussersrum.com

Country Of Origin: British Virgin Islands

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