Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum 70cl

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Country Caribbean
Spirit Type Rum
Brand Ron de Jeremy
Size 70cl
ABV 38.0%
Serving Suggestion Serve over ice with ginger beer and freh Lime
Ron de Jeremy spiced rum has an amazing depth of flavour. It is skilfully blended, using all natural ingredients, to give a rich and well-rounded rum. Deep caramel in colour, this complex rum displays notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla with hints of black coffee and lime. Ron de Jeremy Spiced Hardcore Edition excels as a sipping or mixing rum - even as a straight shot for the more adventurous. The sign of a good spiced rum. As you would expect from the risqu� world of adult entertainment this spiced rum packs a hefty punch at 47% ABV, the slight touch of burn heightening the pleasure.
Country Of Origin: Caribbean
Cheekily named after the most famous male adult entertainment star ever, Ron Jeremy, these rums are hand-crafted by another legend, 72-year-old Cuban master distiller Francisco 'Don Pancho' Fernandez, who has been directly responsible for the success of countless rum brands, including Havana Club. Ron de Jeremy is an ultra-premium rum,distilled to honour the manliest man on the planet.
Country Of Origin: Caribbean

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