Russian Standard Platinum Vodka 70cl Gift Box

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Country Russia
Spirit Type Vodka
Brand Russian Standard
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Serving Suggestion Freeze down for a refreshing shot

Made only with the finest Russian ingredients - carefully selected winter wheat and soft water from lake Ladoga - and bottled exclusively in Russia, Russian Standard Platinum is filtered four times through charcoal and twice through silver impregnated charcoal delivering ultra-crisp ultra-smooth liquid ideal for cocktail mixing.

A tasting profile which is Clean, ultra-crisp, ultra-smooth and even. Neutral and smooth, with Citrus and sweet spice tones, ideal for cocktail mixing.

Presented in a luxury Branded Gift Box.

Country Of Origin: Russia
Since its arrival in 2007, Russian Standard has fast become one of the premium Vodkas known around the world. Produced using winter wheat from the Russian Steppes.
Country Of Origin: Russia

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