Pussers Rum 15 Year Old 70cl

Pussers Rum 15 Year Old 70cl 40%
  • Pussers Rum 15 Year Old 70cl 40%

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Country British Virgin Islands
Spirit Type Rum
Brand Pussers Navy Rum
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
A dark gold toffee on the eye. The nose is very full and fruity with espresso, marmalade, marzipan, crème de cacao, spice, vanilla cream, black pepper. The palate is full and very rounded with notes of syrupy spice and fruit, vanilla spice, with a very long and syrupy dark finish.
Country Of Origin: British Virgin Islands

The superb rum in this bottle has not only been aged in wood for 15 years, but has also been distilled in wood. It is both aged and distilled in wood, making it the world's only spirit that is still predominantly distilled in wood using the old, expensive (some may say inefficient), handcrafted way in opposition to the modern column distillation.

Naturally flavoured, Pusser's is the original Navy Rum, still produced in accorance with Admirality Regulations for Rum. This superb rum, a Gold Medal Winner, is the same rum that was issued in the Royal Navy.

A substantial royalty from the sale of each bottle of Pusser's Rum is paid to the Royal Navy Sailor's Fund - referred to as the 'Tot Fund' - which provides amenities for serving personnel.

Country Of Origin: British Virgin Islands

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