Spitfire Heritage Small Batch 1930s Gin 70cl

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Country England
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Spitfire
Size 70cl
ABV 40.0%
Serving Suggestion Serve over crushed ice or, one to one with a simple tonic.

The Spitfire. The defender of our freedom to live and love and drink GIN with whomsoever we choose. In the mouth, enjoy a wonderfully smooth taste with the aromatic botanicals, Juniper, Two types of Orange, Almonds and Borage (for courage) alongside Coriander, Rosemary (for remembrance), Star Anise and Rose Petals.

Superbly British!

Country Of Origin: England
Spitfire Heritage 1930s Gin is distilled in the heart of Cambridgeshire in hand beaten copper stills, housed in a stunning 200 year old barn beside a duck pond, one of only a few Single Estate Distilleries in England. As a single estate distiller they grow their own crops and distil them into vodka in small batches, allowing careful removal of the heads and tails. Leaving only the creamy delicious heart. The resulting spirit is then distilled with the careful selection of Botanicals to create a wonderfully aromatic gin.
Country Of Origin: England

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